I'd like to invite you to my next workshop where the rich and soothing sound of the cello will lead you to the next step on the path of self discovery. 

"As meditation invites you back into you,
you begin to make your own music"
Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati


Let go of Tension



Let go of Stress

Be aware of Breath

Regain Calmness


Channeled Cello Healing - by Ilya Levitin

"Music is an awakener of the soul, the notes can open the heart while the brain is lulled to sleep."             

Derek O'Neill

Channeled Cello Sound

Like a singer who is being given a gift of a special voice, I am fortunate to say that I was given a gift of a rich and soothing cello sound. 

I was trained in the best tradition of the Russian Cello School and utilize the mastery of the cello playing technique yet the sound during the workshops and private sessions is always being intuitively channeled in the moment for all the participants.    

Guided Meditation Workshops  

Spend an hour of your day in a workshop led by the soothing sounds of the cello.

During this workshop the participants are offered to experience the elements of Pranayama with the focus on the awareness of the breath and the Chakra Attunement to the color and the sound of each chakra.

Each workshop ends with the deep relaxation practice of Shavasana.             

Sound Immersion Sessions

The following tools and techniques may be used during half hour long private sessions:


Sound with Aromatherapy, 

Clearing with Sound and Visualization, 



Deep relaxation

Guided meditation with the focus

on breath awareness.                  

About Me

It all started when my dear friend suggested I read books by Carlos Castaneda. The message that stood out for me was about living each day like if it were the last day of my life. The tools of spirituality always helped me to navigate through my own life's changes and challenges...